Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cocktailrobot 1.1

Find our newest Cocktailrobot inworld at ROBOEXOTICA office or at online trading platforms SLX (which is to become Xstreet SL on Oct. 1st btw) and onrez.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mechatiki Research in Second Life (TM)

Located at the south-west edge of the Marsco region on Second Life's mainland, Mechatiki offers an inviting atmposphere to the visitor ...
Taking advantage of the SL environment there are spots to explore on and below sea-level as well as in the skies. Visitors can use strategically placed teleporters or just make use of their ability to fly to get around.
At 50m altitude there's the "2nd Office" of the real-world festival for cocktail-robotics ROBOEXOTICA, with documentation of past events and links to more information outside the virtual world - and a couple of virtual cocktail robots for avatars to be served pixel drinks.
Higher up - at 250m - the Mechatiki Skyloft offers a range of items for sale ... of which I want to speak in later entries to this blog.
As well as of Mechatiki's neko-steampunk division Mechakitty Design and our artist-in-residence PinkPinkProductions.