Sunday, June 28, 2009

SL6B Public Lab Video

A short video of the Mechatiki Public Lab at the Second Life 6th Birthday Exhibit.

"The Future of Virtual Worlds"

"The Future of Virtual Worlds" is the motto that Linden Labs posed onto Second Life 6th Birthday Exhibitors. Mechatiki Public Lab's answer is simple: "The future is kinetic and interactive."

On our parcel in the "SL6B Polaris" region, which occupies the south-east corner of the cluster of SL6B regions, we released several species of kinetic creatures in an open-air experiment.
After almost a week of studying their behaviour we are able to present some preliminary findings:
- Hupfi: a creature that has been witnessed to show lively movement in a confined space (, has been a lot calmer in the open environment, only occasionally escaping the no-roof container and barely winding up immobilized at the parcel border.
- Pet Creatures: bred from the ordinary Marsdog this creature's escapist behaviour seems to be directly proportional with it's size. The largest specimen had to be brought back in from the parcel border most often, while the two smallest individuals have been moving around inside the parcel all the time.
- Flag Creature: the reliable "foot soldier" among our creatures behaved very much like expected. moving along slowly but steadily, covering a lot of ground. Has wound up on parcel border only once so far (involvment of avatar interaction can not be excluded).
- Right Arm: this one had the most curious expectancy attached, for when released for the one and only time before this current experiment, it took off towards the sky at one point, never to return. Has not happened here so far happily/sadly (?).
- Walkies II: demonstrated calculable behaviour by calmly creeping along the ground, helplessly twitching and thrusting.

Visit until June 29: Polaris/148/44/2

Thursday, June 18, 2009

SL6B Upcoming

It's about to tell the world Mechatiki Research are establishing a Public Lab at Second Life's 6th Birthday event, opening June 23rd.

We are currently preparing the the proper fencing to keep the chance of escaping creatures at a reasonable minimum.

At the exact opening of the events we will release various live kinetic creatures on our parcel and watch what they are up to for the next week! (Inviting you - the public - to interact with them.)

Here's the SLUrl already, though I don't think the public can access the sim before June 23rd ..

... There will also be free drinks.