Friday, January 23, 2009

Second Life online shopping revolution

This week's big news around the metaverse will re-shape the online market for Second Life products greatly - Linden Labs have purchased the two largest web-trading platforms XstreetSL and onrez, sparking lively discussions on blogs and forums.

While Xstreet will be continued, onrez is closing it's doors as soon as Feb 11th 2009, without as much as a direct notice to account-holders so far. This leaves little time for those who exclusively used this platform in the past to transfer their items to XstSL. It also un-surprisingly upsets a number of people who used the onrez vendor system for their networked retail inworld. 

"If you are an OnRez shopper with a current balance," and happen to read this in time "please transfer your account balances to a Second Life account before February 11, 2009." LL say ... and I wonder why they don't just transfer any left-over balances, duh. This is only some three weeks, what if somebody happens to be busy in RL and not read any SL related blogs for the next month? (Also as I always found the onrez search more accurate - possibly because XstSL's item-descriptions are missing tags - I am at least a little disgruntled onrez isn't kept running for a longer while, the power bill for those few computers can't be all that much if even the ESC could afford it so long without taking any comissions on the sales at onrez) ... Anyway, instead of withdrawing you can also spend your remaining balance at the Mechakitty onrez-shop, following the Banner in the side-bar before it's going to be gone!

On the bright side Xstreet will get more visibility starting on the SL webpage, probably in the SL viewer soon. And the pain of listing items on both pages is also a thing of the past of course.

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