Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Quoted for Truth: Laws of SL

Crap Mariner plurked a link to Prad Prathivi's blog post Sod's (Murphy’s) Laws of Second Life ...
which begins:
"1. When scripting, pretend it was *supposed* to do that.
2. Nothing you’ll make in Second Life is fool-proof, because they’re your only target audience."

and continues with gems like
"8. If you think nothing can go wrong, you’re a noob."
"12. Tell an avatar that there are over 75,000 people on SL concurrently, and they’ll believe you. Tell an avatar that a wall is phantom, and they’ll have to walk through it just to be sure."
"13. An error in a product you make will not become evident until you’ve started selling it in your store."

... I'm sure you'll find some you can relate to too ;)

EDITed to add a law that frequently mocks me: "Your prim allowance is always too low, no matter how often you add parcels of land to raise it."

I can has tier raise?

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