Thursday, March 12, 2009

Filth Is Here To Stay

- but it's going to be segregated.
NWN's Hamlet sums up the just-announced Upcoming Changes for Adult Content like this: "In summary, content designated as "Adult" will be forced off the main continents, and resettled in a Linden-managed "Adult Continent"."

"There’s obviously a lot to discuss, " Linden Labs are aware, so they opened a total of 5 (five!) forum threads for residentsto discuss this mother of all policy changes.
This is also the first time in a long while that we hear of Age Verification again, which is mentioned as ONE of several means to ensure that prude residents (who still have all to be over 18) don't encounter things too exciting for them.

It will be interesting to watch A) the uproar of panicking residents jumping to conclusions B) how in the end the classification of content will actually be done. And of course the handling of moving residents and businesses onto a yet to be created (and named) continent.

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