Thursday, June 18, 2009

SL6B Upcoming

It's about to tell the world Mechatiki Research are establishing a Public Lab at Second Life's 6th Birthday event, opening June 23rd.

We are currently preparing the the proper fencing to keep the chance of escaping creatures at a reasonable minimum.

At the exact opening of the events we will release various live kinetic creatures on our parcel and watch what they are up to for the next week! (Inviting you - the public - to interact with them.)

Here's the SLUrl already, though I don't think the public can access the sim before June 23rd ..

... There will also be free drinks.

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Dave Powell (SL "Times Sands") said...


Many Thanks for posting about my article on Associated Content, about SL's readiness for eLearning! I too will be exhibiting at SL6B. You and your audience might be interested, and here's the info:

SL architect/builder Times Sands will exhibit the most configurable, practical, and fun example of "Interactive Architecture" ever rezzed in Second Life! Visitors to his exhibit can turn this innovative structure into anything they wish...simply by clicking its prims. The new technologies on display may also redefine the relationship between virtual builders/architects and their customers. (The exhibit is at Stop by and design your own building! (A live demo is also scheduled there on Wednesday 6/24 at 5 PM SL time.)

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