Monday, October 12, 2009

Snails Lab - Opening of CYland SL

Our russian friends ( have been developing an inworld gallery which is due to be opened sunday next week.
Cyland Media Art Lab, an artistic laboratory based in St. Petersburg and New York, arrived in SL! As it opened its doors quietly in summer we now want to point out that there will be an opening-event on Oct. 18th, 10 am SLT!
["Every snail is an artist." - video streaming from RL]

Pinkpink Sorbet will be streaming painting snails from her RL home and Magggnnus Woodget has been preparing a couple snail themed surpises!
Join us for the event Sun Oct 18th, 10am SLT - There will be robots. And there will be cocktails! Follow this SLUrl for a teleport.

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